Davis County is known for its high quality of life and is often referred to as a "bedroom community", however that doesn't mean we should "sleepwalk" into the future. Davis County is not asleep. Just the opposite we are alive, energetic and a recognized leader. Just like Utah is ranked as the best managed State in the Nation, Davis County continues to be ranked as one of the top Counties in the State and the Nation. Areas where Davis County leads include:

Fiscal Responsibility

It is the principles of conservative governance, prudent expenditure and steady leadership that have placed Davis County in a stellar/enviable financial position. Davis County has been able to weather the financial storm of the last few years without diminishing core services expected by its citizens. Davis County continues to maintain its AAA bond rating and was recently recognized for the 20th consecutive year for its financial reporting and transparency.

I have always based my decisions on what is in the best interest of the taxpayer, both in the short and long-term. I continue to focus on the must haves instead of the nice to haves.

Economic Development

A comprehensive and aggressive master plan for neighborhood and business sectors, developed with leaders of the county's 15 communities is crucial in dealing with current and future growth. This plan has been developed and is being implemented through strategic partnerships.

Results are being realized in the following ways: Davis County has experienced the highest job growth rate in the State per capita; once vacant parcels of land are now being developed and have already generated over $1 million in new revenues.

Public Safety

In conjunction with the County Attorney and Sheriff, the County has been proactive on targeted issues such as gangs and pornography that threaten our public safety. Most crimes and personal tragedies are related to addictions. Together, we have convened many community partners to tackle these issues from multiple angles.

Emergency preparedness is also critical. The County has a well-developed plan to respond immediately and efficiently to all manner of disasters. This was evidenced during the windstorm of December 1, 2011.   


Urgent transportation issues require continued attention to projects such as a West Davis Corridor, rail and bus alternatives, and enhancement of East/West corridors. These priorities improve economic development and increase the accessibility of neighborhoods, allowing residents maximum time with families instead of wading through congestion.

As Chair of Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC), board member of Utah Transit Authority (UTA), board member of National Association of Regional Councils (NARC), member of NACo Transportation Steering Committee I am intimately involved in planning and transportation issues that are vital to Davis County and Utah.


Effective leadership is based on good listening habits. Great efforts have been made to enhance relationships with leaders and citizens of each of the 15 cities in the county. Instead of having individuals and groups come to the county WE have made it a point to once a month hold a session in a city, with its citizens and and leadership.

These enhanced relationships have resulted in some great partnerships on a variety of economic development and public works projects. For example, the construction of a debris basin above Centerville that took nearly 200 homes out of the FEMA floodplain, which ultimately put hundreds of dollars back into homeowners pockets each year, as they are now no longer are required to purchase flood insurance.

VISION, STRATEGY, and the ability to EXECUTE are principles I support and skills I have, the things I do today, and will continue to do as your Commissioner.

Meet the Candidates

Tuesday, April 10th
7pm - 9pm
1645 South 500 West

County Convention

Saturday, April 14

Primary Election Day

Tuesday, June 26

Voting will be conducted via mail or at one of the 7 vote centers listed: