Bret Millburn has been a hardworking and effective Davis County Commissioner. I have appreciated working with him on many projects that have benefited Davis County - and all Utah - residents.Governor Gary Herbert
I have seen first hand Bret's leadership, tenacity, work ethic, frugality, and wisdom. He is not afraid to take on hard tasks and find the best answers. His strong leadership has been extremely valuable to Davis County and is recognized throughout the State of Utah. We need Bret's continued service!Former Davis County Commissioner Louenda Downs
Commissioner Millburn was one of the first people I met with after I decided to run for office. Over the past two years, I have worked closely with the Davis County Commission on a variety of issues. I have been impressed by Commissioner Millburn’s dedication to serving the people of Davis County. As a Davis County resident myself, I have been very pleased with the work our Commissioners are doing. It is my pleasure to stand behind Commissioner Millburn, who I consider a friend and real public servant.Congressman Chris Stewart
Having the corporate headquarters of my business located in Davis County, I have had the opportunity to interact in a variety of settings with many Commissioners over the years. I attribute the success of Davis County over the past eight years in large part to the leadership of Commissioner Bret Millburn.Sean Slatter, President & CEO, Logistics Specialties Inc.
I've worked in various ways with Bret for well over a decade. I appreciate his commitment to good government and to Davis County. Commissioner Millburn is devoted to keeping Davis County a great place to live and work.Congressman Rob Bishop
Bret Millburn has proven to be a very effective leader especially in the areas of financial management and problem solving.Steve S. Rawlings, Former Davis County Clerk/Auditor
As a Commissioner in Box Elder Commissioner I have watched Bret Millburn do his job and I am honored to have such a great example to follow! With the way that the world is pulling people to and fro, Davis County can rest easy knowing that Bret is at the helm. I am so impressed in how concerned he is about his County, State and Country. I encourage Davis County residents to give their full support to Bret.Commissioner Stan Summers, Box Elder County
I have been an employee of Davis County for over 25 years and have served under many different County Commissioners. I have found our current Commissioners have been the best at listening and balancing the needs of the employee's and building morale and fulfilling the needs of Davis County.Scott M. Bass, Davis County Surveyor's Office
I endorse Mr. Millburn ---He is not a yes man--He knows when you are saying things that you think he wants to hear----He is his own Man---He welcomes both sides not just one sided thought.Anne Hunsinger, Layton
Gotham would not be the same without Commissioner Gordan, and Davis County would not be the same without Commissioner Millburn. Rick Burningham, Kaysville
I have had the opportunity to be a friend and neighbor to Bret and his family for many years as well has discuss Davis County on a business level. Bret is very dedicated public servant. To visit with him about Davis County you can not help feel his passion and desire to make it a better place for us to live and raise our families. Bret you have my support 110 %! Gordon Ransom, Centerville
I am a registered Independent. I am proud to support Bret Millburn for Davis County Commissioner. I have known Bret for many years, and he is an honest man who will work hard to make Davis County work for all of its citizens. Mark Swain, Bountiful
I first met Bret Millburn working with the office of Congressman Rob Bishop 8 years ago and currently associate with him in my capacity as Salt Lake County Recorder. Since that time I have seen Bret fight hard for the taxpayer and for a leaner, more effective government. I consider him a fantastic County Commissioner and a great friend. My family and me fully support his reelection.Adam Gardiner, Salt Lake County Recorder
I strongly support Commissioner Bret Milburn for reelection. Davis County needs the dedication, intelligent and hard work that Bret demonstrates every day. Bret represents Davis County with leadership on critical boards including the Wasatch Front Regional Council. With new and inexperienced Candidates running this year, we need Bret's experience, smart and honest representation.Mayor Randy Lewis, Bountiful
There is no one more qualified for the position of County Commissioner than Bret Millburn. I have been a Bret fan since I spoke to him in his first campaign. Mayor Mark Shepherd, Clearfield
Bret Millburn is an excellent example of what a public servant should be! Shelia Huntsman, Bountiful
Many endorse Bret, however his best endorsement is his hard work! Regardless of the issue, you can be assured that he will do the right thing because of his honor and respect for you. He is the proven leader.Kent and LeeAnn Sulser, Bountiful
As the mayor of North Salt Lake, I have worked with Bret Millburn in various capacities and have found him to be caring, professional and hard working. He has done a very good job representing Davis County and working for our best interests.Mayor Len Arave, North Salt Lake
Bret is the best kind of public official. He cares about our communities and he watches out for our pocketbooks. When Davis County issues need to be heard on Capitol Hill, Bret is there. When you and I need to be heard, Bret listens. I'm going to do what I can to re-elect Bret Milburn as County Commissioner. I hope you will too.Jim Nielson, Former Legislator District 19
Commissioner Bret Millburn is highly regarded throughout the county, region, and state. This well-deserved respect has been earned because Bret Millburn has been a tireless advocate for Davis County. He understands regional dynamics and how these can be combined for the best results in Davis County, and the region as a whole.Jeff Hawker, UTA Board Member

Mayor Rick Earnshaw, Woods Cross
Senator Todd Weiler
Representative Paul Ray
Former Representative Roger Barrus
Representative Stewart Barlow
Former Mayor Paul Cutler, Centerville
Former Mayor Terry Palmer, Syracuse
Mayor Mitch Adams, Clinton
Doug Holmes, Farmington

Bill & Shelley Davies, Centerville
Mayor Randy Lewis, Bountiful
Former Commissioner John Petroff, West Point
Dan Liljenquist, Bountiful
Candace Daly, Farmington
Shelley Francis, Layton

Randy Shumway, North Salt Lake

Jim Gramoll, Bountiful
Senator Stuart Adams, Layton
Mayor Ken Romney, West Bountiful

Justin Allen, Centerville
Lowell Leishman, Bountiful

Representative Brad Wilson, Kaysville
Scott Quinney, Layton

Scott Johnson, Bountiful

Mayor Eric Craythorne, West Point

Kevin Daly, Centerville
Carl and Tani Downing, Farmington
Mayor Mark Shepherd, Clearfield

Former Mayor Joe Johnson, Bountiful

Erik Isom, Kaysville

Senator Jerry Stevenson, Kaysville
Representative Steve Handy, Layton

Former Councilman Ryan Furniss, Sunset

Kym Petroff McVey, West Point

Chris Dallin, Syracuse
Former Councilman John Pitt, Bountiful
Mark & Maylene Millburn, Centerville
Kenny Connors, Layton
Paul Summers, Bountiful
Roger Tew, Centerville
David Cole, Farmington
John & Nicole Redd, Centerville
Connie Harmston, Layton
Nancy DeJong, Farmington
Wilf Sommerkorn, Kaysville
David & Judy Wilson, Layton
Former Councilman Michael LeBaron, Clearfield
Mayor Len Arave, North Salt Lake
Former Representative Jim Nielson, Legislative District 19
Brent & Jill Bishop, Farmington

VISION, STRATEGY, and the ability to EXECUTE are principles I support and skills I have, the things I do today, and will continue to do as your Commissioner.

Meet the Candidates

Tuesday, April 10th
7pm - 9pm
1645 South 500 West

County Convention

Saturday, April 14

Primary Election Day

Tuesday, June 26

Voting will be conducted via mail or at one of the 7 vote centers listed: