Practicality Above Politics

A respected, responsible, responsive, proven leader you can trust!

Caucus Night is Tusesday March 20th.

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I Listen

I am in touch with the issues, because I am in touch with you!

I'm Involved

I'm a hands on participant in the issues that matter to Davis County families and businesses.

I Work Hard

I put principles and practicality above politics.

About Bret

Bret has always been active in civic and religious affairs, having served in various leadership positions. His career includes service with United Way, Utah’s Legislature and the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

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Bret's Service & Leadership

Bret has always been active in civic and religious affairs, having served in various leadership positions. He is known in Davis County for his clear priorities, no-nonsense philosophies, and leadership efforts which have been demonstrated through fiscal prioritization, open communication and tenacity.

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Bret's Priorities

Davis County is known for its high quality of life and is often referred to as a "bedroom community", however that doesn't mean we should "sleepwalk" into the future. Davis County is not asleep. Just the opposite we are alive, energetic and a recognized leader. Just like Utah is ranked as the best managed State in the Nation, Davis County continues to be ranked as one of the top Counties in the State and the Nation. Areas where Davis County leads include: Fiscal Responsibility, Economic Development, Transportation, etc.

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Brets' Supporters

I endorse Bret Millburn for reelection as Davis County Commissioner. Bret is exactly what we expect from an elected official, he is trusted, diligent and a person of honor that we don’t have to worry about. In my associations with Commissioner Millburn, as resident of Davis County, personal contact and as Mayor of Bountiful City I am enthusiastic to support Bret Millburn for reelection.Mayor Randy Lewis, Bountiful
Gotham would not be the same without Commissioner Gordan, and Davis County would not be the same without Commissioner Millburn. Rick Burningham, Kaysville
Bret is an incredible Commissioner and needs to be re-elected. Let's help him do so.Commissioner John Petroff

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VISION, STRATEGY, and the ability to EXECUTE are principles I support and skills I have, the things I do today, and will continue to do as your Commissioner.

Caucus Night

March 20th

County Convention

Saturday, April 14

Primary Election Day

Tuesday, June 26

Voting will be conducted via mail or at one of the 7 vote centers listed: